Most Common Cobot Applications in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, New York and Maryland

Most Common Cobot Applications in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, New York and Maryland

In Pennsylvania, industrial machinery, food processing, fabricated metals, chemicals, plastics and electronics make up the majority of the manufacturing sector. Each of these manufacturing types benefits from collaborative robots in a variety of ways.

Pennsylvania’s industrial machinery sector utilizes collaborative robots that assist with machine tending, which is the automated operation of industrial machinery tools. Collaborative robots are primarily used to load and unload, blow off, wash, deburr, sort and gauge. These processes can be tedious and time consuming for human workers. Collaborative robots in Pennsylvania can ensure accuracy of these types of manufacturing tasks and allow their human counterparts to focus on higher level responsibilities.

The second Pennsylvania industry that could most benefit from Universal Robots cobots is food processing. “As a food producer, it is extremely important for us to minimize downtime, so we can supply fresh goods at a competitive price. The UR robots are a great automation solution because they can run without safety fencing. It is a significant advantage that our employees can work right next to the robots and that they easily can adjust the robots when packing different types of products," says Johnny Jansson, Technical Manager at Atria. With the ability to work in unfavorable conditions for humans, collaborative robots in Pennsylvania can work in hot and humid greenhouses to chilly refrigerators.

Collaborative robots, like the models we offer from Universal Robots in Pennsylvania, can work 24 hours a day without breaks. Given the flexibility and easy redeployment of collaborative robots, they are ideal for seasonal changes in workflow and volume. Common applications may not need any safety fencing, which makes reconfiguring work patterns much easier than with more complicated robots. The cobot arms offered by Universal Robots accommodates a variety of payload requirements. These collaborative robots als feature built-in palletizing wizards, which is useful in many food and beverage company applications like those in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Virginia and Maryland.

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Oct 7th 2021

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