Reshoring for the Schwinn

Reshoring for the Schwinn

As of this month, you can receive a Tesla faster than a Schwinn bicycle, which has up to an 18-month lead time. Nearly all bikes in America are now imported, a huge departure from its origins as a predominantly American-made product.

"Half a century ago, American kids rode Schwinn Sting-Rays—a product proudly made in the United States. We can once again buy American-made bikes through a smart reshoring plan for this venerable industry. Doing so would provide a roadmap for broad-based growth in other high-paying manufacturing industries—a smart path forward for U.S. economic security and Made in USA pride," says Jeff Ferry, chief economist at the Coalition for a Prosperous America.

For many companies evaluating reshoring options, the costs associated with different labor markets tops the lists of concerns. As pre-pandemic labor markets are solidifying, availability, skills set, costs, and regulations all play important roles in this decision.

Source: BCI Global, 2021

Labor market tightness by State

Red means tighter and blue means a looser labor market

Source: The Conference Board, 2020

Reshoring Resource Tools

Total Cost of Ownership Estimator® - Free tool that estimates total cost of ownership including overhead, balance sheet, risks, corporate strategy, green and other external and internal business considerations.

Import Substitution Program (ISP) - ISP identifies and qualifies the major relevant importers of select products. The manufacturers then use TCO to convince the importers to reshore. Offered directly to manufacturers and thru MEPs, EDOs (economic development organizations), trade associations and equipment sellers.

Supply Chain Gap Program - Identifies U.S. supply chain gaps. Helps U.S. manufacturers fill the gaps. Helps EDOs find foreign firms to fill the gaps.

Competitiveness Toolkit - Designed to quantify and select the optimal national policy changes to bring back a desired number of jobs.

Corporate Social Responsibility Estimator - Provides a model for estimating sourcing decisions’ impact on pollution and on the domestic economy. Reshoring Library – You can use Advanced Search to identify companies that have reshored or done FDI in relevant industries or regions. Search for potential customers.

Reshoring Initiative Data Report – Annual reports track the drivers, impact and momentum of the trend.

Contact an Automation Distribution rep to assist you in evaluating which automation options may be best for your reshoring initiatives. 

Dec 17th 2021

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