SATO America Is Now Offering UL Approved R335D Ribbon

Two SATO resin ribbons, R333A and R335D, have been added under the UL File MH48415, PGJ12 for use in printing the UL mark. These SATO resin ribbons were added to this file and are now “Authorized to Apply (Print) the UL Mark” in combination with SF300 DuraMark Polyester, SF301 DuraMark Polyester, SF350 DuraMark Polyester and SF401 DuraMark Polyester media.

The R335D resin ribbon is a high-performance resin with high heat resistance, excellent chemical, and solvent resistance with outstanding print quality for all barcodes and very small text in outdoor, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, laboratory and automotive applications. It is entirely compatible with label materials dedicated to those high-performance applications, including PETs, Polyamides, and Acrylates.