South Korea Displays Robotics During Winter Olympics

South Korea Displays Robotics During Winter Olympics

South Korea’s Ministry of Trade embraced the idea of exhibiting the country’s robotic technology during the 2018 Winter Olympics for all the world to see. From cleaning the Olympic Village to assisting guests at the airports, the robots are performing tasks that would otherwise be done by people.

South Korea is intent on establishing itself as a leader in the fourth industrial revolution. In 2016, South Korea produced $4.11 billion worth of robots and has commited almost $6 billion to multiple automation and robotics sectors.

Many companies are taking part in showing off the robotic advancements of the country in the forms of self-driving busses transporting athletes to drone security.

One area which seems to have been slightly overlooked was cybersecurity. During the opening ceremony, Internet access was disabled in some locations and the Olympics website went down. The International Olympic Committee confirmed that this was due to a cyber attack but not confirmed the origination. Clearly, the next step for South Korea is to address its cybersecurity measures to fully support its robotics and automation initiative.

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Feb 20th 2018 Angela Caruso

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