Cobot Quick Deployment Kit (QDK) for Order Fulfillment and Packaging Automation

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Quick Deployment Kit

A scalable solution for parcel induction, case packing, and goods-to-person tasks.
Powered by AI-enabled software and leading edge robotics, the Quick Deployment Kit helps you “sort it out.”


Logistics companies struggle to staff appropriate labor and meet the demanding fulfillment requirements of today’s e-commerce consumer.




How it Works

Custom design takes time. Get started in less than a month with Plus One Robotics’ pre-engineered Quick Deployment Kit (QDK), which is a fully integrated hardware and software solution including perception, manipulation, and intelligence. Easily deploy a system and eliminate your technical risk. The QDK enables you to test feasibility using Plus One’s software in a variety of applications to achieve your required throughput, quality, and uptime. The kit is configurable from a menu of market-leading robot and gripper options (refer to figure below). The camera and lighting equipment are adjustable, which means the QDK can be used for a wide range of layouts.

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