Elettrotek Gaalflex VFD 9YSLCY-J and 9YSLCYK-J

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Conductor: fl exible red copper conductor Cl. 5,
acc to IEC 60228, DIN VDE 0295
Insulation: PP compound
Cores color: (9YSLCY-J)
4 cores: green/yellow, brown, black, grey
acc. to DIN VDE 0293-308, HD 308 S2
3 conductors + 3 earth conductors:
grey, brown, black and green/yellow
divided in interstices
Stranding: in layers
Screen: aluminium tape + PETP foil
and tinned copper braid
Outer Sheath: transparent, PVC type YM2 or
black (similar RAL 9005), PVC compound

Self-extinguishing and fl ame retardant acc. to:
DIN VDE 0482 part 265-2-1,
EN 50265-2-1,
IEC 60332-1-2,

Technical data:
Nominal voltage: Uo/U 0,6/1 kV
Nominal voltage UL: 1000 V
Test voltage: 4 kV
Temperature range
Fixed laying: - 50 OC up to + 90 OC
Flexible application: - 5 OC up to + 90 OC
Temperature range UL:
Fixed laying: - 40 OC up to + 80 OC
Flexible application: - 5 OC up to + 80 OC
Min. bending radius
Single bending: 4 x d
Multiple bending: 20 x d
Insulation resistance: min. 200 MOhm x km
Transfer impedance
at 30 MHz Ω/km: < 250
Mutual capacitance
(4 conductors version): depending
on the cross-section
core/core 70 to 250 nF/km
core/screen 110 to 410 nF/km

USA: acc. to NFPA 79 Ed 08
UV resistant (9YSLCYK-J)
outdoor use (9YSLCYK-J)
acc. to EN 61800-3
EN VDE 90°C rated PP insulation
EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)
interconnection between frequency converter and motor
used in paper, chemical and heavy industry
low coupling resistance
AWM Style 2570 1000 V 80°C VW-1
c AWM //II A/B 1000 V 80° FT-1
RoHS and CE approval

these motor power supply cables are fl exible and have a special
EMC performance due a duoble screened, low capacitance design.
Ideal for frequency converters for variable speed.
This cables are suitable in dry damp and wet rooms,
Good resistance against acids, caustic solution, oils.
Sitable for free, as well as static use , not suitable for continuosly
moving appliance under tensile load or if during fl exing, accompained
by guidance.

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