Parco - About

Founded in 1941, Parco was the first manufacturer to specialize in O-rings, still one of our primary products. Today, Parco has four modern facilities manufacturing O-rings, custom-molded elastomeric seals, rubber-to-metal bonded parts, and machined metal parts. Our 154,000 square-foot facility in Ontario, California is one of the largest plants in the world making molded rubber seals. Our three other facilities in Texas and Louisiana specialize in complex custom-molded elastomeric products, machined metal parts, and machined plastics.

We’ve implemented quality and management systems that measure up to the toughest standards. In R & D, tooling, and production, we have developed techniques and software that make Parco products the best in the business. We test every batch of material to verify that its key physical properties are conforming. Every molding press is computer controlled to ensure consistency and to optimize productivity. And we know neatness counts. All of our plants are clean and orderly, and our equipment is well maintained.

To maintain the highest quality we make our own molds, develop and mix our own compounds, and mold our parts in computer-controlled presses. We use video inspection machines to check each part for surface defects and dimensional accuracy. Our quality management system is certified to international standards ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 and aerospace standards AS9100 and AC7115.

Our mission is simple: to improve our products and services continually to meet or exceed our customers’ sealing needs.