Collaborative Robots Demo Day

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September 21

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Automation Distribution hosts open house events for guests to informally interact with the collaborative robots, ask questions, and test out potential applications using their own products.

Featured Products


The Universal Robots UR5 arm feeds plastic pharmaceutical bottles into the Elmark labeling machine. The UR5 is outfitted with a Robotiq 2-Finger Gripper and was programmed to pick up a bottle from a specified location and place it in the labeling machine. The gripper releases and then waits for the label to be applied. A foot pedal is used to trigger the label application. The robot goes back to pick up the labeled bottle and pass it under a specialized ink printer which prints directly on the plastic with information such as a "sell by" date, which is triggered by a vision sensor. Request a quote.
The Universal Robots robot arm with vacuum end effector allows for fast and flexible gripper configurations for pick and place processes, for use in case packers, in carton and tray erecting machines, in top and side loading machines as well as in packaging machines with frequent format changes. The UR3 is capable of doing repetitive tasks that might otherwise require human action.
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