Robotiq Robot Grippers and Sensors

Robotiq Robot Grippers and Sensors

Robotiq robot grippers, camera, and force torque sensors are the perfect tools for integrating collaborative robots with flexibility for deployment in a variety of advanced manufacturing design tasks.

2-Finger Grippers: The 2-finger Robotiq adaptive robot grippers are designed for real manufacturing scenarios, available in 80mm or 140mm stroke and removes the need for custom-made end-effectors. The Robotiq line of 2-finger adaptive grippers is compatible with all major industrial robots and provides plug and play integration for Universal Robots.

3 Finger Gripper: The 3-finger Robotiq robot gripper offers maximum versatility and flexibility.  Perfect for industrial settings and innovative robotic exploration, the 3-finger gripper will pick up any shape of object. The 3-finger gripper is compatible with all industrial robots and integration packages are available for Universal Robots.

Force Torque Sensors: Give your robot a tactile sensibility with Robotiq’s force torque sensors. By installing a force torque sensor on your robot, your industrial robot will be able to reliably and precisely insert parts, assemble and fabricate and test products. The force torque sensor’s digital signal is not affected by environmental noise and delivers a steady, precise measurement of force applied on the process or part.

CameraDiscover how easy it is to use vision with the camera kit software for Universal Robots. See how you can teach your robot how to recognize a part and its use in various applications.

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