Safety Events

Three Part Webinar Series

July 15, 16, & 17 2020 12:00 PM




Part 1: Your Responsibility for Machine Safety and Basic Safety Interlock Design Principles (30 minutes)

Wednesday, July 15 12:00PM

  • Escalating OSHA Citations & Fines
  • Harmonization of Global Industrial Machine Safety Standards
  • Federal, State and Local Government Responsibilities
  • Civil Responsibilities
  • Basic Safety Interlock Mechanical & Electrical Functionality
  • Applicable Testing and Approvals for Safety Devices
  • Right and Wrong Examples of Safety Interlock Installation

Part 2: Legal Issues, Stored Energy Consideration and Process Protection, Series Connection of Safety Interlocks (30 minutes)

Thursday, July 16 12:00PM

  • Shifting The Burden of Liability from OEM to User
  • Criminal Negligence 
  • OEM Responsibilities
  • Basis for a Civil Lawsuit
  • Federal Statute of Limitation on Industrial Machines
  • Is There Such a Thing as "Grandfathered Machine Safety?”
  • Proper Hazard Analysis for Stored Energy
  • People Protection vs. Process Protection
  • Fault Masking
  • Coded Magnets vs RFID Safety Systems
  • Low Level Coding vs High Level Coding 

Part 3: Changes In Risk Assessment Requirements (45 minutes)

Friday, July 17 12:00PM

  • EN 954 Safety Categories Described
  • EN 954 vs ISO 13849 -1 & 2
  • Documentation Requirements for Component Selection
  • Fault Exclusion Validation Requirements
  • Performance Levels & SIL - Application Specifics
  • Risk Assessment Example Walk Through on Robotic Fatality
  • Individual Company Risk Assessment Method vs Third Party Approved Methodology 

If you are involved in company and plant safety and want to learn about the benefits of proper machine guarding to protect your employees while reducing your company's exposure to liability, please sign up to attend.