Safety Light Curtain Sensors & Light Grids

Safety Light Curtain Sensors & Light Grids

Light curtains and light grids are optical safety devices that detect a presence in their protected field and do not require any action from the machine operator to stop or limit movement. They are considered more production friendly than other safety devices, such as guarding and fencing. Light curtains are typically used for finger and hand detection where the operator is within close proximity to the equipment while light grids and spot beams are used more for body detection.

Orion Light Curtain & Light Grid Overview

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  • Safety Light Curtain Sensors

    Safety Light Curtain Sensors

    A safety light curtain sensor has several beams that are placed closely together. The beams are closest on a light curtain that is used for finger detection. Then the resolution is 14 mm.
  • Industrial Light Grid Sensors

    Industrial Light Grid Sensors

    Extended light grids are used for body detection, usually for access protection when muting is necessary. Their long operating distance makes them appropriate to be used with deviating mirrors.