B&R Keypad Modules

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Only available in the United States in the following states: Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and Delaware
  • B&R Keypad Modules
  • B&R Keypad Modules
  • B&R Keypad Modules


Key modules with B&R's patented illuminated ring keys are the perfect complement to B&R's operator panels.
They enable quick access to important functions.
The key modules can be placed directly next to a panel or at a remote operating location.
Simple integration into the control system is handled via X2X Link.
Each button can be illuminated with up to 4 different colors. Highly visible colors that can be controlled individually ensure safe and intuitive operation. Keys are individually labeled using slide-in labels.

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Advantages of B&R illuminated key rings

  • Outstanding signal effect
  • Completely even distribution of light around the illuminated ring
  • Hygienic, no edges, indentations or grooves where dirt can collect
  • Up to 4 colors for illumination
  • Flexible key labeling using slide-in labels

Customized design

Within the framework of a customized development, keyboards can be adapted to customer requirements with regard to the number, labeling and illumination of keys as well as the fieldbus interface and installation situation.
A customized panel overlay can be designed in just a few minutes using the B&R Panel Designer.

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