Cost-Effective Enclosures

While initial acquisition costs might be more attractive on unibody enclosures, unexpected changes that occur throughout the enclosure’s life can derail even the most frugal of plans. Using a modular enclosure system to house industrial drives, controls and other equipment, can reduce the risk of downtime and unplanned costs over the long-term.

Understanding the differences between most unibody enclosures and freestanding enclosure cabinets can help make the choice easier.

Gaskets – Modular enclosures, like these  Haewa enclosures, are equipped with foam gasket for a quality door seal, eliminating the need to apply a separate gasket strip and increases protection of the contents by providing a tighter seal.

Paint - An environmentally-friendly powder coating provides a durable finish against corrosion, allowing for maximum durability.

Mounting Panel – Mounting panels in modular and unibody enclosures differ in that unibody panels are typically painted steel and in an L-shape; modular panels are designed with c-flanged mounting plates for quick and easy mounting.

Framing – The modular enclosure frame offers flexibility for adding different doors and sectioning off parts of the cabinet according to purpose.

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Modular enclosures are not as strong as unibody enclosures.
False! Modular enclosures typically have thinner walls than a unibody enclosure, leading many people to believe that they are not as strong, however, modular enclosures get their strength from their load bearing frames, not their walls.

Many part numbers must be ordered to complete a modular enclosure assembly.
Modular enclosures do not commonly require any more parts for assembly than their unibody counterparts.

Modular enclosures require a lot of assembly work like an erector set.
Modular cabinet systems do not generally require the same levels of cutting, welding, and bending as a unibody cabinet. A basic modular cabinet can be assembled by someone without special training.

Modular systems are more expensive.
After factoring in the costs of changing a unibody cabinet over time, a modular system is very cost-effective for its flexibility and up-front pricing is comparable.

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