​Do More with Less: Solve the Labor Shortage with Collaborative Robots

​Do More with Less: Solve the Labor Shortage with Collaborative Robots

Traditionally, manufacturing was designed around automation. Today, collaborative robots can be deployed within hours to not only supplement a smaller labor pool but work in the existing manufacturing environment. Utilizing collaborative robots can save time and money in both the short and long term.

When customers are relying on manufacturers to meet their demand needs, those facing difficulty filling certain roles can find the solution in collaborative robotics. Cobot deployment is very similar to training a new employee - show the robot how to do a task and it performs. Not only does it perform, but it performs reliably and can work around the clock.

A variety of end-effector tooling options and vision sensors are available to adapt the Universal Robots cobot for nearly any scenario. Existing employees can also work safely next to collaborative robots thanks to built-in safety features that will detect interference and halt operations. From picking and placing lobster tails to sorting items in an ecommerce shipping line, collaborative robots can pick up where your available labor leaves off.

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Mar 16th 2020

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