Global Running Day

Global Running Day

Global Running Day inspires everyone to get up and moving. Whether you are running around with your dog or around the block, the goal is to increase activity while having fun and get others to join you. This year's Million Kid Run aims to get children excited about fitness by living ac active lifestyle. As personalization becomes more and more popular with younger markets, Adidas is harnessing this trend in their SpeedFactory which allows users to digitally create the perfect customized running shoe.

The SpeedFactory is #HereToCreate. Billed as data-driven rapid production and open-source co-creation, the SpeedFactory precisely targets urban manufacturing by utilizing a robot cell where the entire production process requires little human assistance. Automating the process, even for a custom shoe design, is reduced to only five hours as opposed to the 2-3 months it would take their human factories to produce the same product.

About 70% of Adidas’ annual sales are from new product designs. With this massive reduction in production time, Adidas is able to introduce more new designs in less time and virtually eliminate unnecessary inventory. The more centralized process also eliminates costs and production time associated with moving components of each shoe from one manufacturing facility to another to finally arrive at a completed product.

“In the history of sneaker making, this is probably the biggest revolution since manufacturing moved to Asia,” James Carnes, a 23-year Adidas veteran responsible for company strategy, says as he tours the plant. “Or maybe since sport shoes were made.”

To attract buyers in urban areas, Adidas is using its first robotic cell manufacturing plants to cater to runners in the cities where those cells are installed. “AM4LDN adidas Made For London,” for example, will feature more reflective coatings and stronger waterproofing for rainy, dark London weather. The LA version is designed for the warmer climate and the Shanghai style is geared toward use on the popular indoor running tracks there.

With the introduction of an additional plant in Atlanta, 160 new American robotics jobs have been created. Gerd Manz, who oversees technology innovation at Adidas, says “Our goal is to use this as a launching ground for innovation.”

Jun 5th 2019 Angela Caruso

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