New Plug n Play Camera Kits for Universal Robots

New Plug n Play Camera Kits for Universal Robots

SensoPart VISOR starter kits for Universal Robots are integrated with the “URCaps,” which is similar to an app that would be added to a smartphone to make peripheral devices seamlessly compatible. Short for “Universal Robots Capabilities,” this technology offers a plug and play option for vision and cameras now offered by SensoPart, available in several versions to meet needs from the most basic to those of high-tech labs.

SensoPart offers the following explanation of its newest robotic vision offering for Universal Robots collaborative robot arms.


Very easy to install and set up using the operating panel: from automatic network search by the VISOR® Vision sensor for connection configuration to the display of a live image with annotations. The URCap can additionally easily read the VISOR®’s job list, select the active job, copy the chosen calibration settings and effortlessly import them into other jobs.


URCap offers two calibration methods.

  • Calibration plate: simple, fast and precise calibration
  • Point-pair list: considerable flexibility in the choice of calibration object and field of view Predefined programs are available for both methods. This enables the automation and cyclical validation of calibration.

  • Application

    Pre-prepared procedures are also available when creating applications; complex programming is no longer necessary. To guarantee essential flexibility, the user has full access to all values in variables. Picking up objects could not be easier. SensoPart’s VISOR® Robotic with URCap is a powerful yet easy to-use tool, whose outstanding flexibility pushes application boundaries.

    Download the entire VISOR Robotic and URCap brochure here.

    Shop online for the Universal Robotis VISOR Robotic camera kits starting from $3225 here.

    Mar 8th 2018 Angela Caruso

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