SMC's EQ Series Electric Actuators: Efficient and Sustainable Automation

SMC's EQ Series Electric Actuators: Efficient and Sustainable Automation

SMC Corporation's EQ series of electric actuators stand out for their high-performance motors featuring integrated controllers and battery-less absolute encoders. Designed for diverse applications, these actuators provide a range of functionalities that cater to specific needs while emphasizing energy efficiency and sustainability.

The EQ series offers a notable feature with its high-performance motors, equipped with integrated controllers and battery-less absolute encoders. This combination ensures precise and efficient control, making it suitable for a wide array of automation applications.

In contrast to the advanced capabilities of JXC controllers, the EQ integrated controllers provide a simpler yet effective 2-position solenoid mode. This mode allows for continuous travel from the origin to the opposite end of the stroke, offering a streamlined solution for applications that do not require the intricacies of 64 positions and finely tuned speed and acceleration/deceleration curves.

Additionally, the EQ series supports a closed center mode, enabling users to set an intermediate position as needed. The motor enclosures come equipped with three communication LEDs and M12 metal cable connectors, enhancing the actuator's connectivity and communication capabilities.

Notably, SMC places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The EQ series contributes to this commitment through motor control optimization, achieving up to a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions. Over the past several years, SMC has actively pursued social responsibility, promoting sustainability to minimize negative impacts on the environment.

As a leader in pneumatics, SMC consistently seeks to develop innovative and eco-friendly solutions, prioritizing CO2 reduction. The company's comprehensive approach involves designing compact and lightweight products, which not only require fewer raw materials but also consume less energy during both manufacturing and operation. These efforts collectively contribute to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, aligning with SMC's dedication to sustainable and responsible automation solutions.

Ready to elevate your automation processes with SMC's EQ Series Electric Actuators? Experience the efficiency of high-performance motors, integrated controllers, and eco-friendly features designed to meet diverse application needs. Join us in promoting sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions while enjoying simplified control options. Explore the possibilities for your automation solutions today. Contact us today at 1-888-600-3080 to discover how the EQ series can streamline your operations and contribute to a greener future. Act now and empower your automation with SMC's innovative and sustainable technology!

Feb 1st 2024

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