KMS 40/FORCEKIT by Weiss Robotics

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KMS 40/FORCEKIT BY Weiss Robotics

Six Axis Force/Torque Sensor

The KMS 40 is a high performance six-axis force/torque sensor with fully integrated data acquisition and processing. For a simple integration into robotic applications, the KMS 40 has a built-in Ethernet interface and comes factory calibrated, providing its measurement data directly in SI units for all six load components. Its compact dimensions, the generous centre hole as well as the ISO robot flange on both sides make the KMS 40 easy to integrate in your application. The measurement range of 120 N and 3 Nm makes it a perfect fit for service robotics, small industrial robots and human-robot collaboration.

The KMS 40 is also available as FORCEKIT. FORCEKIT is the new powerful force measurement solution for Universal Robots.

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