Robotiq 3-Finger Gripper Universal Robots Installation Kit AGS-UR-KIT

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  • Robotiq AGS-UR-KIT Universal Robots 3-Finger Gripper with Complete Installation Kit
  • Robotiq AGS-UR-KIT


Robotiq robot 3-finger adaptive gripper kit is suitable for use with Universal Robots. The 3-finger Robotiq robot gripper offers maximum versatility and flexibility.  Perfect for industrial settings and innovative robotic exploration, the 3-finger gripper will pick up any shape of object. The 3-finger gripper is compatible with all industrial robots and integration packages are available for Universal Robots.

Includes Complete Gripper Unit (Modbus Communication Protocol), Finger Pads and Palm Pad, Mechanical Coupling (AGS-CPL-101), Adapter Plate (AGS-APL-157), 10 m Power Supply Cable, 10 m Communication Cable, USB Cable, Screw Kit For Fixing End Effector Coupling on UR.

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