Universal Robots ActiNav Autonomous Bin Picking Robot

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Universal Robots ActiNav
Call for Information: 1-888-600-3080
11 lbs ( 5 kg)
Reach Radius:
33.5" (850 mm)
Degrees of Freedom:
6 Rotating Joints
±0.1 mm / ±0.0039 in (4 mils)
Maximum Speed:
1 m/Sec. / 39.4 in/Sec.
Ø 149mm
Weight with Cable:
40.6 lbs / 18,4 kg
IP Classification:


Industrial Bin Picking for Machine Tending Applications. Focused on solving unstructured picking and accurate placement of work-in-progress metal and plastic parts.

Look for processing applications include drilling, tapping, polishing, grinding, deburring, test and inspection stations, milling, welding and CNC machining.

Single part type in a bin only. Avoid assembly operations where multiple parts need to be picked in one station. Target applications where the goal is continuous operation and where customers expect to refill/replace bins before being completely empty.

Technical Specifications

Cycle Time:

Our average bin picking cycle time will be 10-25 secs depending on part, so look for machine/process cycle times in the 10-90 second range.

Target Part Types:

Tubes and Cups – preferably less than 6” but up to 10” can work

Volumetric or multi- sided – look at how these parts generally lie in the bin – the commonly presented sides must by pickable with a single end-effector type. Generally smaller than 2 fists in size (~6” x 6” x 6”). Larger parts possible but may require integration to refill/replace bin frequently.

Flat – thicker than 2mm for Medium sensor, thicker than 5mm for Large sensor. Must be pickable on both sides, ideally there is a part feature that identifies top from bottom.

Other Part Considerations:

Generally, part sizes should be between 1” and 10”

Avoid: cable assemblies, floppy parts, glass, screws, flexible O-rings

Non-symmetrical parts must be distinguishable by their unique geometry or features on each side. Note: distinguishable features must be large enough to be picked up by the sensor; generally >1cm and not regularly obscured by adjacent parts in the bin.

Target Bin Size ranges: (W L D)

Medium sensor : Bin size up to: 630 x 490 x 450 mm (25 x 19 x 18 inches) (2 x 1.6 x 1.5 feet)

Large sensor : Bin size up to: 1100 x 970 x 850 mm (43 x 38 x 33 inches) (3.6 x 3.25 x 2.75 feet)

Placement accuracy : +/-3 to +/-8mm direct from bin to target

If part or placement target has self-aligning features (such as cylinders) this leads to higher accuracy

Utilizing self-aligning regrip fixture moves accuracy to UR repeatability

End effectors: Suction, magnetic or internal grippers

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