Universal Robots UR5 - Low-Weight Automation Robot Arm

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  • Universal Robots UR5
  • Universal Robots UR10 (left) and UR5 (right)
  • Universal Robots Family - UR3, UR5, UR10


Universal Robots UR5 robot arm is the perfect collaborative robot for automating repetitive and dangerous low-weight collaborative tasks. Ideal functionality to reduce cycle times and material waste in picking and placing and increase objectiveness in analysis and testing processes.

  • Safely works alongside employees or separately
  • Automates tasks up to 11 lbs. (5 kg)
  • Reach radius up to 33.5 in. (850 mm) 
  • 360-Degree rotation on each wrist joint
  • 6-axis capability; 0.1 mm repeatability  
  • Weighs 33.1 lbs. (15 kg)
  • Easily programmed to switch tasks with 

Low Total Cost of Ownership The initial investment in a Universal Robots UR5 is recouped in an average of only 6.5 months

Universal Robots ROI Calculator

Safety Technology Default force stop sensing at 150 Newton with optional stop as low as 50 Newton enabling this cobot to sit next to human employees without safety guard shields and eliminating workplace accidents

Universal Robots UR5 Spec Sheet

UR5 CAD Drawing

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Additional Information

11 lbs ( 5 kg)
Reach Radius:
33.5" (850 mm)
Degrees of Freedom:
6 Rotating Joints
±0.1 mm / ±0.0039 in (4 mils)
Maximum Speed:
1 m/Sec. / 39.4 in/Sec.
Ø 149mm
Weight with Cable:
40.6 lbs / 18,4 kg
IP Classification:
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