Wago 235-763 Stackable PCB terminal block

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Description Stackable PCB terminal block; 2.5 mm Pin spacing 10/10.16 mm; 1-pole; PUSH WIRE  
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Last Call Date: 31.10.2016
Item description:
  • Low-profile modular terminal blocks with screwdriver-actuated PUSH WIRE termination for custom terminal strip assemblies
  • Simple push-in termination for solid conductors
  • Double solder pins for high mechanical stability
  • Conductor removal via screwdriver (2.5mm x 0.4mm)
  • Set to metric or inch pin spacing by compressing terminal strips together or pulling them apart
  • Also available with test slot

Item properties


Name Value Unit
No. of poles   
Pin spacing  10/10.16 mm / 0.394/0.4 in   
Total number of connection points   
Total number of potentials   
Color  light gray   
Ratings per  IEC/EN 60664-1   
Rated voltage (III / 3) [V]  630 
Rated impulse voltage (III / 3) [kV]  kV 
Rated voltage (III/2) [V]  1000 
Rated impulse voltage (III / 2) [kV]  kV 
Rated voltage (II / 2) [V]  1000 
Rated impulse voltage (II / 2) [kV]  kV 
Rated current [A]  24 
Legend for ratings  (III / 2) Overvoltage category III / Pollution degree 2   
Number of connection objects   
Number of levels   
Connection technology  PUSH WIRE    
Number of connection points connector   
Actuation type  Operating tool   
Solid conductor  0.5 2.5 mm / 20 14 AWG   
Fine-stranded conductor with ferrule with plastic collar  0.25 1.5 mm /    
Fine-stranded conductor with ferrule without plastic collar  0.25 1.5 mm /    
Strip length  9 10 mm / 0.35 0.39 Inch   
Solder pin arrangement  within the terminal block, in line   
Solder pin length [mm]  3.6  mm 
Drilled hole diameter (tolerance) [mm]  1(+ 0.1)  mm 
Material group   
Insulating material  Polyamide 66 (PA 66)   
Flammability class per UL94  V0   
Limit temperature range  -60 105    
Clamping spring material  Chrome-nickel spring steel (CrNi)   
Contact material  Electrolytic copper (Ecu)   
Contact plating  tin-plated   
Fire load [MJ]  0.019  MJ 
Weight [g]  0.965 
Width  11.5 mm / 0.453 Inch   
Height  12.8 mm / 0.504 Inch   
Height from the surface  9.2 mm / 0.362 Inch   
Depth  12.5 mm / 0.492 Inch   
Pin spacing from [mm]  10  mm 
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