Universal Robots UR20

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20 kg
Reach Radius:
1750 mm
  • Universal Robots UR20
  • Universal Robots UR20
  • Universal Robots UR20
  • Universal Robots UR20
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The next-generation cobot from UR can assist in more environments, undertake more jobs, and fit more applications thanks to its 1750 mm reach and 20 kg payload capacity.

The UR20 is the first of Universal Robots' next line of industrial cobots, which are built to embrace the UR trademarks of versatility, usability, and compact footprints while pushing performance to new heights.

Reach: 1750 mm

Payload: 20 kg

Axis: 6 axis

The UR20 has been completely rethought, revamped, and rebuilt. To deliver next-generation performance and quality, every component—from the software to the end caps—has been carefully planned and strategically architected, allowing you to boost throughput, uptime, and the rate at which you can release new products.

The UR20 is designed to provide maximum versatility within your existing production space by combining larger payloads, faster speeds, and superior motion control in a lightweight, small-footprint machine. There is no need for pricey wiring solutions or sophisticated electrical hookups. The UR20 may be powered by a single-phase conventional power outlet despite the significant increase in performance.

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