​Unlocking Potential: Next-Gen Cobot Palletizers in the Food & Beverage/Consumer Goods Sector

​Unlocking Potential: Next-Gen Cobot Palletizers in the Food & Beverage/Consumer Goods Sector

Collaborative robots, or cobots, have revolutionized the manufacturing sector, offering unprecedented flexibility, safety, and efficiency. As the demand for automation grows, industries like food and beverage, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals are increasingly turning to cobot palletizers to address their unique challenges. This article explores the transformative potential of next-generation cobot palletizers, particularly focusing on the advancements brought by Robotiq and their latest AX30 model.

The Rise of Cobot Palletizers

Robotiq, a Canadian company based in Quebec City, has established itself as a global leader in cobot components and applications. With over 25,000 cobot grippers installed in the last decade and more than 450 palletizers deployed in the past four years, Robotiq is at the forefront of the cobot revolution. Their solutions are especially relevant in industries such as pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and food and beverage, where palletizing is a critical operation.

Addressing Labor Challenges

The global palletizing market is driven by the need to transport 90% of the world's goods on pallets. However, the industry faces significant labor challenges, including high turnover rates of up to 50% and a projected labor deficit of over 10% by 2030. Traditional palletizing systems are large, stationary, and require highly skilled staff to operate and maintain. They also restrict production flow and future modifications, making them less adaptable to changing needs.

Advantages of Cobot Palletizers

Cobot palletizers offer a range of benefits over traditional systems:

Flexibility and Scalability: Unlike centralized palletizers, cobot systems can be easily reconfigured to accommodate production changes. They offer operational redundancy and can be deployed in multiple lines.

Safety and Efficiency: Cobots are designed to work safely alongside human workers, reducing the need for complex safety measures. They are more space-efficient and have lower maintenance requirements, resulting in shorter downtimes.

Cost-Effectiveness: With a smaller footprint and quicker deployment, cobot palletizers represent a lower investment risk. They are also more affordable and can be integrated into existing production lines with minimal disruption.

Introducing the AX30: A Game-Changer

The latest addition to Robotiq's lineup, the AX30, is a next-gen cobot palletizer designed for the food and beverage/consumer goods sector. It boasts several key features:

Higher Payload: Capable of handling payloads up to 30 kg, the AX30 can accommodate a wide range of products.

Compact Footprint: With dimensions of 3.4m x 2.4m, it is significantly smaller than traditional palletizers, making it ideal for factories with limited space.

Ease of Integration: The AX30 can be deployed within a week, thanks to its pre-engineered, modular design and intuitive user interface.

Enhanced Performance: It offers the best performance in cobot palletizers with 13 picks per minute and a pallet height of up to 2.75 meters.

Real-World Applications

Robotiq's cobot palletizers have been successfully implemented across various sectors, demonstrating their versatility and effectiveness:

Roasted Nuts Producer: Deploying the UR30/AX30 model allowed the producer to handle 14 x 25-30 lbs boxes per minute, significantly boosting their throughput.

Bread Manufacturer: The Robotiq solution was chosen over traditional automation for its affordability and ability to safely coexist with human workers.

Chocolate Maker: Utilizing the PE20 with UR20, the company achieved higher payloads and improved their palletizing process with minimal training.

Candy Manufacturer: By deploying the AX Series with slip sheets, the company addressed labor shortages and accommodated business growth ahead of schedule.

Snack Manufacturer: Hardbite Chips implemented the AX10 Series, achieving a significant ROI and streamlining their palletizing operations across two lines.

Bakery: The PE20 with UR20 provided an efficient solution for a bakery with limited space, demonstrating the adaptability of Robotiq's cobot palletizers.

How to Get Started

Starting your palletizing project with Robotiq is straightforward:

1. Send Box and Pallet Data: Share the specifications of your boxes and pallets with Automation Distribution.

2. Share Images and Videos: Provide visual documentation of your current setup.

3. Set Up a Call: Discuss your project requirements and get tailored advice from Automation Distribution's experts.

As industries continue to evolve, the need for flexible, efficient, and safe palletizing solutions becomes more critical. Robotiq's next-gen cobot palletizers, exemplified by the AX30, offer a compelling answer to these needs, delivering significant improvements in productivity, safety, and cost-effectiveness. By embracing these advanced solutions, manufacturers can unlock new levels of potential and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

For more information on how Robotiq solutions can transform your palletizing operations, contact us to discuss your specific needs.

May 30th 2024

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