Zebra Technologies Acquires Matrox Imaging

Zebra Technologies Acquires Matrox Imaging

For every production use case – from simple to very complex – detection, inspection, and measurement are available. 

With the on-demand economy's growing demands, you're under pressure to produce high-quality items faster while dealing with acute supply and skilled personnel shortages. That's why Zebra Technologies combined fixed industrial scanning and machine vision technologies to meet all of your requirements. For the first time, you can address all of your workflow problems – no matter how complicated they are – with a single portfolio from a single partner.

"We’re excited to announce our acquisition of Matrox Imaging, further accelerating our strategy to help our customers advance their digital decisioning capabilities through visibility and automation," says Tom Bianculli, Chief Technology Officer at Zebra Technologies. "This compelling combination of talent and technology will meet the broader and more complex quality, yield, compliance and throughput challenges our industrial customers are facing."

Increasing Automation to Assist Customers in the On-Demand Economy

  • More examples of industrial applications from basic to advanced Integration and deployment are simple
  • Hardware and software that is platform agnostic and interoperable with third-party products and systems 
  • A better understanding of the status, size, and condition of assets 
  • Visual analytics and advanced sensor technologies Product detection, measuring, and robot guiding have all been enhanced

Advancing our Channel-First, Partner-Centric Commitment

  • A broader range of software and modular hardware options 
  • Increased value for our partners, such as ISVs, IHVs, and OEM channels, allowing for deeper penetration into existing and new customer accounts. 
  • Industrial automation partners Zebra and Matrox Imaging will have more opportunities.

"The combination of Matrox Imaging’s technical expertise with the global footprint of Zebra Technologies presents an opportunity to accelerate our long-term strategic plan," adds Lorne Trottier, President and Co-Founder of Matrox. "With its complementary machine vision and fixed industrial scanning portfolio, Zebra Technologies is an excellent home for Matrox Imaging."

What is Zebra's motivation for acquiring Matrox Imaging?

Zebr's Enterprise Asset Intelligence vision is made possible by Matrox Imaging. This acquisition adds more advanced machine vision hardware, software, and services, including 3D sensing and frame grabbers, to our long-standing leadership in the Automatic Identification and Data Capture industry, our legacy in barcode and RFID-based data capture, and our innovative indoor location tracking capabilities.

What new innovations will Matrox Imaging bring to Zebra?

Interoperable software, software development kits, hardware-agnostic smart cameras, vision controllers, input/output cards, and frame grabbers from Matrox Imaging, a proven developer of advanced machine vision components and systems, will be added to inspect, assess, and record data from industrial vision systems used in factory automation, electronics, healthcare, semiconductors, and more.

How does this fit in with Zebra's current hardware and software?

Matrox Imaging, a leading provider of advanced machine vision components and systems, will introduce interoperable software, software development kits (SDKs), hardware-agnostic smart cameras, vision controllers, input/output (I/O) cards, and frame grabbers for inspecting, assessing, and recording data from industrial vision systems used in factory automation, electronics, healthcare, semiconductors, and other applications.

What benefits would this provide for Zebra's customers?

Matrox Imaging complements Zebra's existing array of fixed industrial scanning solutions with powerful machine vision. They can address practically any workflow problem, no matter how simple or sophisticated the application is, when they work together. Customers benefit from having a single source for all automation hardware and software, which speeds up implementation by four times. Customers can now automate with greater confidence, knowing that they're working with a proven leader who is constantly developing and investing in their automation needs.

Learn how Zebra's extended, integrated hardware and software portfolio provides you with the tools and technology you need to save money and get more done. Download the flyer and shop Zebra Technologies on our website now.

Jun 7th 2022

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